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8 Mar 2016 … rvjWaROsRI Self introduction for myself, I go by the name Tio or Tiano and how did I get into Blade Master you ask? I was looking for a new main after my old
2 Sep 2016 DIABLA & DEMONIO have finally arrived to Elsword NA! To compensate for this, Lu/Ciel's skills don't do very high damage, which encourages you to switch out between the two frequently. When either Lu or Ciel is tagged out, the inactive character will recover 6 MP per second (1.5 MP
2 Aug 2017 The guide is finished~ If you guys wanna reply to this now you can ^^ Hope you all like it o/ Knowing Your Luciel - A PvE Guide to Diabla/Demonio Table Usage:If there's a skill which defines the phrase 'Double-Edged Sword', this would be the perfect example. .. Once you master it it'll be a bunch of fun.
12 May 2015 Rushing Sword (Hell's Gate) [?IMG] PVE: 10/10. PVP: Hell's Gate 11/10. Hybrid: 10/10. Ereda: Excellent One of the skills that makes Elesis unique! This skill is great in all place in Elsword! MAX THIS SKILL! Wild Shock is completely useless but this skill is one of the best actives in the game. The Note is a
27 Jun 2017
My impression of the guide is not too good, but I'm too lazy to get into it in much detail. First of all, it seems you were rather unprepared. Make a clear plan with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, like an essay. In the introduction, you need to catch attention and present the points you will cover. This is
4 Jan 2017 Blade Master however gets everyone attention for some reason and he is most played Raven in PvE and PvP many Blade Master players complain about LuCiel as a duo makes PvE and PvP play so simple as they have skills for every situation and their most used class being Noblesse cause who
Elsword - Luciel Character Overview + Job Change 9.3. By Noah I. can't get 2nd job class change!!! AAAHH! Elsword: Ain 2nd Job path (Combo List + Skills) 8.6. By Virginia Eden. [Elsword] Raven Level 92 Unlock Transcendence Skills [Blade Master] 8.6. By Rachel Boyle. Elsword [KR] Crimson Avenger quest 5/5 LOL
14 Jul 2016