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AMOUNTS TO FEED LARGE / GIANT BREEDS. If you have a puppy that is under 6 months of age, you should make the feeding transition quickly so as not to disrupt their growth patterns. This should be done in 3 meals or less using the Precise or Precise Plus line of foods. I like the Precise Canine Adult Formula or Precise
When feeding Great Danes and fast growing giant breeds, certain aspects of canine nutrition come into play. This is especially important with puppies in order to "grow them slow". Considerations should be given to the style of feeding, i.e., kibble, canned, or raw. Nutritional quality of the food you choose, protein & fat levels
Feed the last meal approximately two hours prior to bedtime. Increase the puppy's food intake to 7 to 10 cups per day starting from his ninth month of life and maintain this amount until the puppy is 1 year old. Adult great Danes should be fed twice per day according to the American Kernel Club.
8 May 2017 Looking for best dog food for great danes? Dry Food is recommended for Puppies. You should consider their nutrition choices and related allergies.
6 Oct 2016 When you think of the largest dog breeds out there, you probably picture the Great Dane. These dogs are often classified as a giant breed because they have the capacity to reach an adult size well over 100 pounds. As large as these dogs are, they have hearts of gold and they make excellent family
27 Feb 2017 Read our in-depth guide to find the BEST food choice for your Great Dane. You'll definitely want to check out the most important advice about
Food: Most Great Dane experienced people know that feeding foods with a high protein level can bring out HOD or simple over-growth. Danes do have a slower metabolism than most other breeds and even other . Use the dog's weight and age to determine the suggested feeding guide which is usually shown in 'cups'.
Feeding Great Danes and Great Dane puppies. Receive nutritional guidelines and diet tips for this giant breed to assure lifelong health.

A good quality adult food, that is no more than 23% protein and 12% fat should be fed to. Danes of all ages. Puppy food or growth formula foods should NEVER EVER be fed to. Dane puppies. They grow fast enough without the encouragement that growth and puppy formulas provide. Feeding a Dane growth or puppy food