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How to Take Care of Swords. Swords are an eye-catching collector's item or decoration for your home. No matter whether you plan to consistently handle your swords or put them on the wall, you'll need to maintain them properly if you want
The composition of carbon steel katanas makes it very susceptible to rusting. In fact, sometime it is the simplest factor that you can use to determine that your sword is genuine carbon steel. The proper care and maintenance of swords is critical if they are to retain their condition. CARE: Critical! Do not subject or leave your
(1) Whether drawing out a Tachi or Katana, one must hold the cutting edge up and grasp the scabbard from underneath in the left hand in a forward-holding position. Then, hold the hilt from above with the right hand. Since the scabbard is rather tight fit at the opening where the collar (habaki) is fit (koiguchi), the initial pull
7 Oct 2009
29 Dec 2013 Cleaning your katana, wakizashi, tanto or any other Japanese weapon is extremely important for its preservation. So to keep your sword in optimal condition it's a good habit to clean and oil your sword every now and then. The carbon steel which is used to make Japanese swords is rather sensitive to
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Japanese sword care information including suggestions on maintainance and preservation of the Japanese sword. katana. JAPANESE SWORD CARE. NOTE: This is not a detailed guide on caring for and maintaining a collection of Japanese swords nor a guide for the sophisticated collector (they already know how).
Simply treating your edged weapons with respect and care will easily keep them looking brand new for many years to come. Sword Wielding All edged weapons, battle ready or not, may injure, kill and/or become damaged if used improperly. Follow these simple do's and don'ts to safely enjoy your sword(s) for years to come
28 Aug 2017 Katana blade repair & polishing has been my steady occupation for the past couple of weeks. I understood what grits to use as far as water stones/whetstones/emery My Sword Maintenance Troubles So back in '07, I bought my 1st real sword, a Kampilan; the infamous sword that Chief Lapu Lapu used to
Sword Sharpening. Be very careful when sharpening katana. Please don't think about sharpening a sword that could be a valuable heirloom. You could be destroying an irreplaceable piece of history and costing yourself hundreds of thousands. A Practical Katana or rusty gunto is a good place to start. Practicing with 2000