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25 Jul 2017 Exotic Quests - Destiny: This page contains a list of the Exotic gear quests in Destiny, here on IGN. Exotic weapons and armour are some of the best and finally finish crafting the Fusion Core. Click here for that guide. from turning in Shiro-4's Weekly Bounties. Once acquired visit Eris Morn to start Quest.
10 Dec 2014
9 Dec 2014 A complete guide to all quests, finding the Hand, Heart and Eyes of Crota, and completing The Will of Crota Strike. destiny_the_dark_below. Destiny: The Dark Below guide – complete all quests and The Will of Crota Strike. Destiny's first expansion has gone live, introducing players to Eris and her
Quick guide I'm making as I do Eris's Urn Missions, in case anyone is having trouble with, as the second one sounded trickier than it actually is and the first, if you don't know where to look, TO FINISH THE QUEST YOU MUST TALK WITH XUR! ie; AT THE WEEKEND[/b]! Rewards SPOILERS.
Eris Morn is the new and rather mysterious Vendor in the Tower. She's the remaining survivor who originally faced Crota and now she freely offers you Dark Below quests and armour. Players hoping to upgrade their new Raid gear will also rely heavily on Eris for her material exchange services. Eris provides the direct route
10 Dec 2014 Eris Morn, the new vendor in the tower, has a few quests that you'll need to complete before accessing the new Strike. This article will go over those quests, as well as show off the new Dead Ghost locations. The Will of Crota Nightfall
3 Nov 2016 The Dark Below Quest - Destiny: To start this questline, complete A Guardian Rises (quest), Against the Fall, and the first mission on the Moon. Eris Morn will summon you when you c
For more Destiny tips, visit Prima's Walkthrough and Guide for The Taken King. In order to obtain the Touch of Malice, first you must speak with Eris to start the quest, Shattered Past. You are tasked with obtaining five Calcified Fragments. Instead of stopping at five Calcified Fragments, collect 15 and you can get the Hunger
Fist of Crota, None, The Starting Quest. Siege of the Warmind · Fist of Crota · The Wakening · Siege of the Warmind · Murmur · The Extermination · The Wakening · Urn of Sacrifice · The Wakening, Requires Xur and 1 Strange Coin · Ritual of the Forsaken · Urn of Sacrifice · Acolyte Rung · Knightbone
28 Nov 2014 This post - which may contain spoilers - will serve as a complete guide to everything we know about the new Tower vendor, [Eris

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