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1 Dec 2012 This guide is a personal advice page by Aia. I built towers in 2007, boomilevers in 2008, and bridges in 2009, so I hope to offer advice from
  in these rules. A Boomilever is a cantilevered wood and glue structure, mounted .. 3-ring binder of any size, so that regardless of orientation nothing falls out.
The official rules in the current Rules Manual take precedence. For those who are interested, there is a Boomilever DVD and a Problem Solving and Technology
10 Feb 2007 If it is buckling it is either going up or down so you need to do something about those directions, verticle perpendicular bracing to the bottom
Official Event Rules: See National Rules manual If your boomilever cannot accomodate this tolerance level, please bring your own and the event The bucket handle has been replaced with a rope, so the bucket will self- center and all the
Aia's Boomilever Guide - Science Olympiad Student Center Wiki. especially with water (so it doesn't leach anything into water) also important to know what
16 Mar 2012
15 Mar 2012
3 Feb 2007 So fun that sometimes you might not even know you are learning. Physics, math Objective: To build a boomilever with the greatest efficiency.
16 Mar 2012