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Rusty Fuwa Vim (KOLOKOY) vs Fuwa Jadeon (Brica) · Divine vs Wrath - Dagos Modo in a T5 ASC War. Insane bot setup. Jade Dynasty - Dagos Quest Guide
My suggestion for vim fuwa. [Vim Fuwa] Build · Venoma Alliance :: Jade Dynasty :: FACTION DISCUSSIONS ::
Jul 30, 2013
Also, if anyone posts a Fuwa vim guide, on pvp, or pve builds, what gear to use, what charms, and so
PvP Faction Guides. Celan:// -Pre Asc Celan · -Dagos Celan · -Felkin Celan · -Fuwa Celan Rayan:// Balo:// Arden:// Jadeon:// -Dagos Jadeon Modo:// Vim:// Lupin
Aug 15, 2010 Vim's guide to success in PvP grinding (PvP Grind Build) · JD/BP 2/2 Sacred Word, mostly if your going to have a fuwa vim, increases vim
zmniejszyc Zhu Xian 3 - Past & Future Possible update's for JD Beginner's Guide. This forum is a good oishiidesu Fuwa Forta - some elysium PvP 6vs6 +/-.
Mar 9, 2010
This path is traditionally followed by members of the Vim faction. Felkin offers skills that make the user more powerful when
Jun 5, 2013

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